Mark Jathan, also known as Chef Mark, is the owner / operator of Mark's Jamaican Bar & Grill.

Chef Mark is the leading authority on cooking healthy Jamaican food. He is known as the Jerk Pro, because of his skill in the art of mixing and grilling with the ‘Jerk Spices & Seasonings’ that makes the Jamaican Jerk dishes featured on the menu so exquisite…. And, of course, healthy.

For local residents, Mark’s Jamaican Bar & Grill is a special place where they go for good taste, comfortable style, and welcoming atmosphere. It’s where they enjoy the pleasures of fine dining–without the pretentious, overly formal feel of typical fine dining restaurants.

​Visitors to the restaurant will feel the casual warmth and elegance of the Caribbean and experience the flavor of  authentic Jamaican Cuisine.